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The Swiss Jobs And Career Center

"Accelerating Your Search For Employment In Switzerland"

At "Swiss Jobs and Career Center" we share the best and most relevant information and advice on career and job-searching in Switzerland that we can put our hands on. In doing so, we devote a serious effort to educate, inspire and ultimately to empower expat- and local jobseekers alike in their search of employment. We acknowledge however, and hope you do too, that there isn't any bag of magic tricks out there that will get you hired. We think that job-hunting is 5% about inspiration and 95% about perspiration...and both are needed to land you a job.

Career & Work

Do you have trouble finding a job? Are you not sure what work you want? Perhaps you need to take a fresh look at your professional career. Read more about how to get into the line of work that is right for you.

Job Searching

Is navigating the Swiss job market causing you a headache? Perhaps you haven't mastered the right job-winning tactics. Study our eye-opening tips about job-hunting and turbocharge your search for work in Switzerland .

Practical Info

Need to know more about working and living in Switzerland? Read our information-packed articles that cover a range of practical subjects such as house-searching, salary and benefits, child-care, cultural awareness and many more.

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Emilio Ruiz

Your work [personal branding], advice and professionalism was fantastic – I still recommend your services to those that ask me and would still do so in the future, since I [...]

Camilla J. Christoffersen, Cologna, Switzerland

Your empathy, listening skills, positive energy, and personal touch have reduced my anxiety and confidence-draining effects of the job search. I am eternally thankful to you. Camilla J. Christoffersen, Cologna, [...]

Luca Thomson, Kreuzen

John and the team at are an excellent bunch and have helped me with my career profiling, some personal blocks, with informational reviews, my CV, networking, interviewing and even [...]


I am doing a lot of advertising for you in the meantime – I have given your name and website details to several of my contacts in the last few [...]


Just wanted to let you know that your CV got me into the interview short list Thanks! Maha


Thank you for the talk. It was very informative for someone who is looking for a career change. I will definitely use your tips when searching for my new job [...]

Lynn M.

The free consultation I received from “The Swiss Jobs And Career Center” exceeded my expectations and was one of the most helpful conversations I have had on career strategy so [...]

Alebert Moragas

I have just moved into Switzerland and I have just finished your book… it is exactly what you need to read when you arrive here, the book is well structured [...]

James Everitt, Pensylvania, USA

Your CV makeover service is remarkable. A hiring manager phone-interviewed me for a job in Zurich last week and said my CV was the best he had seen in years. [...]

Mimir A. Villadsen, Zürich, Switzerland

Thank you so much for rewriting my CV. It was daunting to acknowledge how badly I needed your help. My only regret is that I have not tried your services [...]

Kristin Berg, Berlin, Germany

Your interview coaching sessions were extremely informative and highlighted right away what I could do better. They also went smoothly and at no time did I feel uncomfortable. I might [...]

Joonas Laaksonen, Helsinki, Finland

My experience with JobsinCH was very good. It increased my learning about what recruiters and companies are looking for in an interview and how I should respond. This was especially [...]

Jolanta Markowska, Vaud, Switzerland

Whether you are going to relocate to Switzerland, have just moved or have been living here for a year or more, this book provides valuable information about the invisible and [...]

Enrica Toscano, Quarto Dei Mille GE, Italy

I am relocating to Switzerland with my husband this November and am anxious about finding work. I found this book reassuring and look forward to starting my job-search. Enrica Toscano, [...]

The Gem For Foreigners in Switzerland, Jason Stein, Geneva, Switzerland

The Expat Jobseekers Guidebook to Switzerland is a must read for anyone who is new to this beautiful but complex country. When I arrived in Switzerland almost three years ago [...]

Mollie Whittaker, Claro, Ticino, Switzerland

I found it a stimulating book with lots of practical info about Switzerland…useful even after a year in Switzerland. And all the job hunting tips as well as many website [...]

Herman A. Michaels, Basel, Switzerland

I have never ever come across anyone so helpful in my entire job hunting experience! Your Mock Interviews rock. I feel totally totally ready for what’s to come during this [...]

Jonathan M. Villadsen, Meierhof, Switzerland

Mock-Interviewing with has been a superb experience. They arranged my interview in no time, the interview was extremely informative…and the report and the extras I got after even more [...]

Micheal M. Morse, Zurich, Switzerland

After reading “The Expat Jobseeker’ Guidebook to Switzerland”, I followed the many job-search strategies suggested including the one about networking. After investing time to expand my personal network, as suggested [...]

Miguel Hurtado, Granada Area, Spain

… I like the positive but realistic manner of your approach, useful tips, practical links and/or websites. Very recommended, if you are willing to relocate in Switzerland. Congratulations!! Miguel Hurtado, [...]

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